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  • Grilling Tray Backyard Brew & BBQ Stainless Steel Baking Sheet, Fathers day, by Julies Homemade Jems

    Grilling Tray Backyard Brew & BBQ Stainless Steel Baking Sheet

    This baking sheet will be amazing for years to come. HEALTHY MATERAL: These baking sheets are made of premium pure stainless steel without chemical coating or any other materials without any toxins even under high heat. which is a great replacement to aluminum pan. You will never worry aluminum into your food HEAVY DUTY: Umite Chef baking tray is solid constructed with proper weight, Rust resistant, Feel sturdy in hands. Not easily warp in the oven and durable for many years SIZE 16 x 12 x 1 inch. Brand new Stainless steel baking pan. Personalized etching on inside bottom of pan. Item is dishwasher and oven safe. Please email me with your custom wording. Please keep in mind that these are hand made, and will not all be exactly the same. They are hand marked, the stencil is hand placed, and sand blasted. They are all unique.
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