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  • Rainbow Themed Hair Rollers Primary Colors Cotton by My Easy Curls

    Rainbow Themed Hair Rollers Primary Colors Cotton

    My Easy Curls Fabric Hair Rollers are THE ultimate indulgence for your hair! Our fabulous handmade rollers- in timeless and classic Rainbow colors.

    These satin set of hair rollers is both stylish and trendy while offering an easy to achieve curled hairstyle.

    Luxurious handmade hair rollers using richly colored Cottons.  Our rollers have zero foam so they do not get flat, and they have no wires that poke you when you’re not paying attention.

    Our rollers are fabulous for big bouncy curls to cute spiral ringlets, adding volume to hair and work great for making buns. When you wear our rollers as a bun, your hair will come out curled. Wear a bun while you’re running errands and take it down when you’re ready to go out, instant curls, and both styles look great.  Be sure and visit our F/A/Q page to see details on each size diameter we offer.

    All of our rollers feature a material called Phase Change Material inside them. This PCM is a heat-wicking material and one of the reasons our rollers perform so well.

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