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  • Fun Free Spirited Pillow from Stitches by Laura

    Description ~ Free Spirited, One of a Kind pillow to brighten any room in your house.
    Let's work together to make a unique accent pillow that will be a conversation starter to bring a smile to her face!

    I can create a pillow similar to this in a specific color scheme or let me loose and see what I come up with!
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  • Boho inspired bag set from Stitches by Laura

    Is your mom a free spirit? Shouldn't her bags be as fun as her?This 3 piece set includes a small boxy bag, perfect for a quick run to the store or around the neighborhood; a small wristlet/clutch; and a drawstring backpack. Every set is custom made(quilted and sewn by yours truly) and you CAN request a color scheme, or take a leap of faith and be surprised by my creation!
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  • Green Jasper Wrapped in Non Tarnish Copper Wire Made by Rose’s Wicked Wires

    The Ancient Greeks believed green jasper was "The Bringer of Rain" and they carried it as a talisman to guarantee rain. Green Jasper, associated with the Heart Chakra, is believed to be a stone of balance that promotes healing and provides release from obsession. It is said to also boost the immune system.

    This green jasper pendant is about 2" long and .75" at its widest point.

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  • Tiger Iron Pendant Wrapped in Non Tarnish Silver Wire Made by Rose’s Wicked Wires

    Tiger Iron (sometimes referred to as Muggelstone) is a banded stone containing Golden Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, and Hematite, which has a high iron content. It is found in Australia.

    Tiger Iron is a stone of strength, courage, and stamina. It is said to be helpful in self healing from chronic illnesses. It assists in maintaining willpower for giving up bad habits and sticking to diet and exercise programs.

    This pendant measures two and a half inches from top to bottom and is three quarter inch at its widest point. It is wrapped in non tarnish silver wire.

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