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Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches

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  • Tote (“Bee” My Valentine) created by Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches

    Tote ("Bee" My Valentine), created by Scrapper's Snips and Stitches, is an excellent choice to give as a gift by itself or as the package for an additional gift in the bag. Perfect size for a quick trip to the market. The Tote ("Bee" My Valentine) is a purchase you won't want to miss. Is the "Bee" My Valentine" tote roomy? Check. Light weight, but sturdy? Check. Lovely colors? Check. Pocket? Check. Fully lined? Check. One-of-a-kind? Check. I love how this multi-purpose Tote ("Bee" My Valentine) came together. 100% cotton for machine wash/dry. You may need an iron touchup.

    Ready to ship

    The list price includes standard USPS shipping. Once you place an order, products ship within  24 hours. Of course, that excludes custom orders. Currently, I do not ship outside of the USA. (See product policies here: https://scrapperssnipsstitches.ourplacehandmade.com/shipping-cancellation-returns-refunds-policies.

    One-of-a-kind products

    Since I only make one-of-a-kind products for my shop, something listed today may be sold when you look again. Therefore, keep checking back often. As with all of Scrapper's products, there are no exact duplicates. Mine is not a factory or a cottage industry that makes a single type of commodity. Some items may be made from the same basic pattern. Additionally, some may contain the same fabric. An example might be that there are six Bowl Co-zees of the same color, but differing fabric. You can be assured that all the products are lovingly handmade by me in Branson, Missouri. The studio is in my smoke-free, dog-friendly home, but don’t be concerned. Bentley, our English Springer Spaniel, stays out of the studio. Small imperfections can happen because each item is made by hand. If you look closely, you might see an unclipped thread. Flaws, occasionally, appear in the fabric. Yet, these small imperfections should not diminish the usability or aesthetic value of the item. I use quality scraps, remnants, and/or repurposed fabric in my creations; hence the name, Scrapper’s. Be assured, I clearly mark items with repurposed cloth. Machine wash and dry most items. However, specialty fabrics may require dry cleaning. I identify those products as "dry clean only" in the item listing. Please contact me directly with any concerns you may have about the items you purchase from me. See policies for details.

    A variety of products

    First of all, I make tote bags and children’s clothing. Sometimes, I will make backpacks or purses. Often, I have wallets listed. Most wallets are NCW, based on the Emmaline pattern. Sometimes I list pouches, of various sizes and styles, in my shop. Use my pouches for many things. For men, you'll find dopp bags. Usually, I offer rag wreaths and pillows. Once in a while, I'll feature 18" doll clothes. I offer repurposed denim table sets that include Plate Pads, Cutlery Pocket, & Mug Rugs. Also, I create notebook covers. I feature bowl co-zees, scarf straps for cameras, and baby items. You will always find a variety of gift ideas at Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches.  However, if you aren’t seeing something listed in the shop, contact me. I may have it in stock or can accommodate a custom order.

    Custom Orders Welcome

    At Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches, custom orders are always a consideration. If you have something specific in mind, please contact me directly (via email: scrappersoriginals@gmail.com or through Facebook Messenger). Let’s see if I can bring your ideas to reality. Each product I create is special. I take pride in my work, striving to create quality, professionally finished items.

    You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Email

    Email: scrappersoriginals@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrsH20sWaters Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scrapperssnipsandstitches/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/michellew8091/_saved/ I would love to have you follow me on my Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/scrapperssnipsandstitches.   (If you have custom order requests, Messenger is one way to contact me.)  In addition, look at my product photo album (click on photos button in the sidebar) at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ourplacehandmade/ Also, I belong to a group that hosts sales once a month or more on Facebook at Boutique Blasts! https://www.facebook.com/groups/boutiqueblasts and now, I have opened my shop in the Handmade Obsession Marketplace @ https://handmadebuyersmarket.com/ Of course, you can always go directly to my website @ https://scrapperssnipsstitches.com.
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  • Pouches (Travel Tissue) Created by Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches

    Pouches (Travel Tissue) Created by Scrapper's Snips and Stitches

    This travel tissue holder designed to fit a travel package of pocket tissues. Great for travel to put in a purse or car or backpacks or Christmas stocking stuffer. Tissues are included. Shipping included within USA. Sorry, no choice of color or design.

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