This marketplace (like Etsy, but smaller) that we are building up is almost a year old. Right now we have a group of over 50+ amazing entrepreneurs who make some of the most incredible, quality, handmade products we have ever seen. Our mission from the start has been to empower as many people as possible to become strong, independent, successful business owners. Whether you have been creating things since you were a child or found yourself in the handmade world later in life, there is room for us all. We are a community of handmade sellers and buyers that have come together to take things back in time, when handmade was a necessity. There was a time when that is all there was.

It’s interesting the pivotal changes in how handmade has been perceived over the years. When people began creating things it was to use. They figured out ways to make blankets because they were cold. It was certainly a wonder to behold when things were industrialized. It somehow became the “uncool” thing to be the one wearing handmade or making something handmade. Only people that couldn’t afford to buy clothes were wearing handmade and soon bedding and other household items all became mass produced. Along came the internet and online sales became a thing. And then there was Etsy. With a little help with technology, the definition and look of handmade started to turn into something different. Since then, Etsy has become huge! Huge to the point of going public. They also allow vintage items and craft supplies and Etsy was quickly over taken with mass produced products mainly coming from China.

People wanted to continue their handmade businesses but fees and competition were becoming fierce and then the pandemic happened. There were people with lots of time on their hands and even more reasons to work from home. People began to look for alternative marketplaces and found plenty. Here’s the thing. They charge outrageous fees for not many features. They all have some gimmick like giving away their “profits” to charity, after they take 15% of your profit. They are not pulling anywhere near the traffic that Etsy is, and most are not as user friendly as Etsy is. They all seem to fall short in some way. The Handmade Buyer’s Market is the compilation of our years of experience and honestly, we think we can do it better.

Being a marketplace brings the benefits of others adding to their shops and helping share the traffic. Cross selling on the marketplace brings an added income for even the part timer and new persons just starting out.  We mentor, support and love each other so much like family!  We are driven to help others succeed and we do this by only charging a small one time fee of $25 to get your site up and running. There are no monthly fees, no listing fees, no re-listing fees, monthly sales for shop owners only, free marketing, 3.5% commission on sales + PayPal fees. That’s it! Check out and if you are interested in opening a shop, click on seller signups. You could literally be up and running with items in your shop by the end of the day!

Are you ready to be AMAZING today?