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Natural Hair Color Satin Hair Rollers – Hair Accessories – Soft Hair CurlersNatural Hair Color Satin Hair Rollers, Hair Accessories, Soft Hair Curlers

Satin Soft Fabric hair rollers with snap closure in Natural Hair Colors to blend into your hair color.

Currently we are offering 9 piece sets in 2 size diameters. Choose from our 3/4 inch size, or our 1 inch size.

3/4 inch diameter x 8 3/4 inches in length
1 inch diameter x 10 inches in length

Start with clean hair, slightly damp, add a touch of gel or mouse to the ends if desired, start at the top of your head and roll one section of hair onto a roller and snap the ends together. Roll your next section of hair but link it through the first roller before you snap this one together. That keeps the rollers from moving around and falling out of your hair. Repeat the process until all your hair has been rolled. Note the 1 inch are very bulky and may not be comfortable to sleep on.

visit our FAQ page to determine best size and additional information https://myeasycurls.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions.

You can also visit our Youtube page for demonstrations and tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtNPxFyQjGMAjXbpT2PwdRg?view_as=subscriber

These Rollers are made with satin fabric, KAM snaps, Phase change Material and because there is no foam inside these rollers they will maintain their round shape for years to come.

Wipe this set clean with a damp cloth and lay flat to dry, Machine wash in a pillowcase on occasion.

We can make these in our larger and smaller size, please contact us for either 1-1/2 inch or 1/2 inch diameters.

Natural Hair Color Satin Hair Rollers – Hair Accessories – Soft Hair Curlers


This free standing lace bowl can accent your house daily as well as for any holiday.
I sew the bowls on an embroidery machine and make six sides and one center piece. Each section is individually sewn on water soluble stabilizer which is then rinsed away and the pieces are sewn together and shaped to form a very stiff bowl completely made from thread. They are perfect for wrapped candy, potpourri, or any collection of your favorite items. Looks beautiful on a dresser to put your jewelry in at night.
Makes a beautiful centerpiece on your table, or a decorative way to display those great bars of hand made soaps.

Dimensions: Base 4.74″ or 3.81; Depth 5.36″; Width across top 7″ +

Design courtesy of Stitch Delight

This bowl is available in other thread colors, ask for more information.

I make all my products in my smoke-free home located in Greer, South Carolina.
Making these products is a real joy and I’ve been doing this for many years. I will be glad to work with you for any custom work you may desire
To see more of my handmade products, check out the rest in my Handmade shop at




For any questions etc. Contact me at: carol1231@yahoo.com

Please allow a minimum of 5-7 days for  production and shipping of my handmade items. Smaller items such as bibs etc may take less time depending on how many orders I have at the time.  If  you will let me know if you have a specific need by date, I will do my best to meet your date. Rush orders can be rushed with added cost if I am not too swamped. Please contact me about rush orders before ordering.

I try to pack all items so that they arrive in excellent condition. If you do receive an item and it has been damaged, let me know at the time you receive it so I can correct it as soon as possible.
Returns shipping is responsibility of buyer. Refunds not accepted on custom orders


Horror Movie Head Bouquet
Horror Movie Head Bouquet

Horror Movie Head Bouquet. You get a seven different crochet Horror movie character heads in your bouquet. (Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Ghost, Dracula, Pennywise the clown, the Dummy and the Werewolf. Also all seven are arranged in a plastic pot with 2 small flowers and a black ribbon around the pot. Your flowers are not intended for young children. Also this is a great decoration for Halloween or all year around. You can find a selection of more fun Horror figures and decorations. Also Your Bouquet measures 9 3/4 inches tall. You can place in a window, on a shelf  or mantel

Also each flower is crochet with 100% acrylic yarn, Wire stems, plastic safety eyes. Ribbon, 3 inch  plastic pot, glue foam, moss.

You can dust as needed. To store wrap in bubble  wrap and store alone in box.

Also this is a great gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Get Well, Halloween,  Anniversary’s or any occasion. You can also find a large selection of toys and lovies for children and babies. Also there are hats, ear warmers and headbands for adults, children and babies. You can find items for your home and fun Holiday decorations. Also if you could not find what you were looking for I can make it for you. You can message me on my FB page or e-mail me to create a custom order. Finally to see all of these items go to my shop at


Follow me on my FB page for sales, new items or to create a custom order at


Also you can e-mail me for any questions you may have or to create a custom order at



Tiger Iron (sometimes referred to as Muggelstone) is a banded stone containing Golden Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, and Hematite, which has a high iron content. It is found in Australia.

Tiger Iron is a stone of strength, courage, and stamina. It is said to be helpful in self healing from chronic illnesses. It assists in maintaining willpower for giving up bad habits and sticking to diet and exercise programs.

This pendant measures two and a half inches from top to bottom and is three quarter inch at its widest point. It is wrapped in non tarnish silver wire.


In addition to creating your products and shipping orders and taking care of your website, that is just the beginning of the handmade journey.  You will need to sustain and grow your business every single day, also. Let’s change gears here. Before we talk about promotions such as blog posts, social media and what you were going to put in those mailing lists, we really need to demystify search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO seems to give most people a lot of issues and it is really part of everything you do. For example here’s a short list of just a few of the ways SEO is used. This is not even close to all of them that you can and should apply to your business.

* utilizing long and short tail keywords

*Keeping your product descriptions unique

*Adding to other places to back link with or from

*Keep your sight in peak working order

*Using your tags wisely

The list goes on and on. Like the email list, SEO is infinitely easier to do from the very beginning and it’s one of the most important things to understand. Your search engine optimization is to help people find you. It’s how Google, or whatever search engine you use, can find you. It’s how you hit your target market, so to speak. All of these things are considered organic marketing which just means it’s free. When you go to Google, for example, you will see two kinds of listings there. Many of the top ones say sponsored or ad. Those are paid advertising spots. Everything else is organic listings that Google’s algorithms have found to match the search words, short tail keywords or long tail keywords, that have been typed in.

So what are short tail and long tail keywords? You know what keywords are already. Keyword, # same thing only one has a pound sign in front of it. Short tail keywords are 1 to 2 words used together. Long tail keywords are 3 to 5 words often used together to search for an item. Now, there are definitely better keywords than others for your product. Let’s look at a few not to use first.

Item Numbers
Material Brand Names
Cute, fun, pretty names

So what is wrong with all of the above? Nothing, except no one but you will know these things about what they are looking for. There is almost no chance that anyone will ever search for your items using those things as their key words. Do not think about the details of the item. You need to pretend you were the one searching for your item. Let’s say you need knit baby blankets, for example, for a baby shower gift. I literally just gave you one of the best keywords to use. Knit baby blanket. If someone is expecting or needs a gift for a shower, it is fairly safe to say they made type in knit baby blanket to the search engine. You can even narrow that down in it baby boy or knit baby girl blanket. Those are great long tail keywords for your item. Adding a color would be another way to help your item get noticed more easily.

Before you even think about listing an item, you should make a list of words; as many as you can think of to describe your item in some way. Remember, look at it from the customer’s eye. Think about the color, materials, holidays, if it’s customized or personalized. Just list whatever you can think of. You don’t have to use them all. The goal will be to end up with a nice list of both short and long tail keywords that you can narrow down. Keep in mind different places allow different numbers of keywords. For example, we know that Etsy only allows 13 tags though I don’t know why, while Instagram allows up to 30 and the Handmade Buyer’s Market is unlimited 😉

Obviously some of the keywords you come up with on your list are going to be better than others, so how do you decide which ones to use where is the big question. There is one school of thinking and it’s gets very analytical about this and goes down to the nitty-gritty of including checking places like Etsy Rank. There is a time and a place to go into those kind of details about your products and their analytics. I might get there someday. Honestly, I don’t recall many people in the handmade industry having the kind of time that requires. When you’re involved in handmade, there is much different time factor involved than there is in many other small businesses. Go over your list and circle the top three to five keyword phrases you think are the ones that you think would be the most likely ones used if you were searching for the item online. You should also always use your shop name as one of your main three to five phrases that you use. People tend to skip some of these details thinking they are unimportant, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me tell you why. Every website and browser has its own algorithms and none of them are the same and even if they were it wouldn’t do any good because they change so often whenever the Cyber world world feels the need, so just to cover your bases in case someone is searching for your shop name.

Now you have your four to five keywords, one of which is your shop name. Where do they go? Some places say tags some, say title, some say in the description. Yes, yes and yes. You literally want them everywhere but only in a logical way. Not just a list of words. Let’s go back to our baby blankets. Just for example, let’s say, our keywords are

knit baby blankets
Knit baby boy blanket
Knit baby girl blanket
Soft baby blanket
Baby Blanket Shop Name

One of these needs to be what is called your focus keyword you. You use the focus keyword phrase as the beginning of your title, the first words of the first paragraph of your description, your alternate text on your photos, your first tag or keyword, and your slug, which we will talk about more later. Many times you’ll see titles that begin with a couple of adverbs or adjectives in front of it. These are the kind of words that people stick in their to make that title a little longer usually. This is good in theory as you want to use all of your possible space to your advantage, but let’s take the word beautiful, for example. I have all the faith in the world that your item is beautiful. That is kind of a given. Someone searching for an Easter dress for a child may type in girls Easter dress into their search box. They’re not going to typing the word beautiful first, so there’s no benefit to using it at the beginning of your title. The search engines focus more on the first few words of each section, so you want all of those first few words to be the focus keyword. Let’s “circle back” to the knit baby blanket we mentioned before. For now, I am ONLY talking about the focus keyword knit baby blanket. This is how I would utilize that main focus keyword phrase.

Title: Knit Baby Blanket in Luxurious White for the New Baby Girl by Baby Blanket Shop Name

Description: Knit baby blanket made with beautiful….

Tags: Knit baby blanket, knit white baby blanket, ….

Alt. Photo Text: Knit baby blanket

and so on. You can use as many of your other keyword phrases in various places in your title, product descriptions and tags as you want unless you are limited by the platform.

Descriptions are another place that most people do not utilize at all. First of all, most of them are way too short. Like it or not, a large part of your success is based on your writing abilities. Your product description, like a blog post, should be at least 300 words. Quality is always important but in this case quantity is almost as important. If you have a description that is two sentences long. you are throwing away so much space that could be used to use all those other keywords. More is better in this case. Don’t Panic. You don’t have to turn into the next Anne Rice or anything like that. You don’t need flowery prose, but you should at least make sense. You will sometimes follow a link online and end up at a page that is basically like one long list of key words. That does not work well. The algorithms have advanced so much that they go right past those things now. You need to use keywords in a natural way to talk about your item. Answer who, what, when, where and why plus include all the colors, materials used and how to care for the product. Now, if you have very similar items it is very common to use a large part of the description just repeated on each listing. For example, if you sell patterns of some kind you can list all of your basic information and policies in each description and then simply make the first paragraph unique content that applies to just that particular pattern like name, size, materials needed.

I know that search engine optimization is not easy to grasp and it has changed rapidly for years and that makes it a little overwhelming to try to keep up with, but it truly is very important. I came across this story the other day and it really showcases how important it can be. This person had added a fiction story to one of those writing sites where you put your writing up and people read it and you get paid like pennies per read. The story that she put there was one that she had actually started about six years earlier for a contest she was going to enter at that time. So, she finished it and added it to the contest entries on the website and shared it in a couple of groups on Facebook. The next morning, her views were considerably higher when compared to her usual. Here is why. The contest she was going to enter had a specific theme and she named the piece based on that theme, although the story really doesn’t have anything to do with what you would think it does. Fast forward to now and she kept the title the same. The story was called New World Order. Six years ago that particular phrase was much less of a hot topic than it is now so it she hit on quite a bit more traffic reading her work. It is truly worth it to take some time and make some adjustments on your listings before the holiday season is here.


speckled orange, pink, purple, and blue mcn yarn
April in Tennessee

Speckled and smeared orange, pink, blue, and purple mix together for a wonderful representation of spring in Tennessee.
Trumpet vine, Irises (the state flower), crocuses, and more!


80/10/10 Merino, Cashmere, Nylon DK

100 grams
225 meters / 246 yards
crochet F – I hook
needles (3.75mm) US 5 – (5mm) US 8

* while colors are heat set and rinsed until water is clear some color bleeding while not common, may occur.

All photos are taken as true to color as possible but colors may vary
slightly depending on your computer or smartphone screen.

this yarn is a superwash and is machine washable but handwashing and
flat air drying is best to prevent shrinking or felting.


Message for sweater quantities of yarn. I am happy to help!