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  • Adjustable Aprons created by Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches

    Adjustable Apron created by Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches

    Who can resist fun adjustable aprons? What about one-of-a-kind adjustable aprons?

    The adjustable aprons found in this listing are made in such a way that nearly anyone can wear them. Select the apron you want from the drop down options box to see both price and description of the selected apron.  I normally have a few options ready to ship (RTS); however, I am always open to custom orders. Have a particular person in mind who would appreciate a handmade apron? Contact me. I’m sure that we can find fabric that reflects your person’s personality, interests, or profession.

    It’s true, you can find aprons in any department/big box store, but they won’t be a handmade-with-love-and-care adjustable aprons. Sure, you can find less expensive aprons, but will the fabric quality be the same? I use some scrapes, yes, but only from quality 100% cotton fabric- sometimes designer fabrics are used. You may even be able to make aprons yourself, but will you? In most cases the answer is no, so why not get your adjustable aprons from Scrapper’s? I promise to make adjustable aprons you will be proud to own or give as a gift.

    Your new adjustable apron will be made from pre-washed cloth to limit fabric shrinkage. It will be washer and dryer safe, even those with glued-on embellishments. Because the adjustable aprons are made of cotton, there may be some wrinkles. That’s the nature of breathable cotton. Please read the product description to determine if the apron selected is reversible or unlined.

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