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  • Carnelian Diamond Stretch Thread Bracelet by RML Jewelry

    I use carnelian as often as I can. It is a beautiful rich rust color. It is translucent and opaque at the same time. It is just gorgeous. There are two carnelian elements to this bracelet. One is a simple round 8mm bead, though there really isn’t anything simple about it. The other are carnelian diamonds, and they are breathtaking. They measure 25mm and there are 5 of them. The 8mm beads are snuggled between 6mm brass-tone flower bead caps. They are matte and they are beautiful.

    Fun Carnelian Fact: Carnelian is thought to inspire courage, concentration, and creativity.

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    The most important tip for maintaining the brand-new look of your bracelet is to keep it out of water. 

    Stretch Bracelet Tips:

    Stretch bracelets are on average 7 inches before finished and tied. 

    I recommend rolling the bracelet on and off instead of stretching it wide to pass over your knuckles. The thread is an elastic like any other. The more you tug and pull, the quicker it will lose its elasticity. 

    The thread is stretched before and after beading to extend the life of the thread and improve flexibility. It is closed with three square knots for longevity and finished with a drop of super glue for maximum security. 

    My knots might show, the cut end of the string might poke out between beads, but that is the mark of someone making your bracelet by hand and not by a machine.

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