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  • Infinity Scarf (Woodland) created by Scrapper’s Snips and Stitches

    Infinity Scarf (Woodland) created by Scrapper's Snips and Stitches

    I know you. You love the Infinity Scarf! Especially do you love having an Infinity Scarf in the autumn of the year when it is warm in the daytime and cool in the evening. It is a practical accessory, but the Infinity Scarf is also a fashion statement, and this woodland themed Infinity Scarf tells your world that you love autumn. See the harvest colors? You, also, love the woods. Check out the flora and fauna! The Infinity Scarf (Woodland) is made from 100% cotton apparel fabric that will go with so many colors- cream, olive green, marigold yellow, rose, maroon, gray, and navy. It measures at 36" x 7.5" finished. It is ready to hit the hiking trails or the auction houses or lunch in the city.

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