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  • Wrap Cuff Bracelet with Green Teal and Gold by RML Jewelry

    This wrap (cuff) bracelet is stacked with beads, beads, and more beads. The focal beads are 14mm green, teal, and topaz etched coin sliders. The beads surrounding them include regular round beads, English Cut beads, melon beads, bicone beads, and rondelle beads. The metals are brass-tone and include four different bead caps, 

    What is an AB bead? An AB Bead (Aurora Borealis) is named for the northern lights that have a highly iridescent surface. 

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    Wrap Bracelet Tips:

    The most important tip for maintaining the brand-new look of your bracelet is to keep it out of water.

    If your new to memory wrap bracelets here are some instructions on how to put it on and off: First and most importantly, do not try to shove or cram your hand through the coils. Memory wire is very strong and requires tools to bend it and cut it, however if the same motion is done repeatedly, it can become out of shape. 

    Start with putting one end onto your arm. Wrap it one loop at a time until you come to the other end. I like to start up higher than my wrist so I can adjust it once it is all the way on. To take it off, you do the exact same thing, but in the opposite direction.

    Each coil adds height on the wrist. The more coils there are, the higher it will be on the wrist.

    Wrap bracelets are so versatile that you can stack or layer several bracelets together or wear only one. You can also set them down on your wrist or place him higher by the elbow or upper arm. 

    Memory wire is mostly made from steel and comes in the form of a coil. It looks a bit like a Slinky before you cut it to size. The coil will fit most wrists. 

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