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  • Unakite Wrap Bracelet by RML Jewelry

    The unakite beads in this bracelet are stunning. Unakite is a combination of red jasper and green epidote that is bound together. It is thought that unakite contributes to the easing of pain and anger, which is good any time of year. Joining the unakite beads are orange, yellow, and green square sliders that measure 16mm. There are small, mottled orange beads resting on each side of the unakite beads. There are also matte gold bars. The gold bars have 2 holes. Because the wire goes through only one set of holes, it does a really cool and distracting spin on the wire. 

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    The most important tip for maintaining the brand-new look of your bracelet is to keep it out of water. 

    Wrap Bracelet Tips:

    The most important tip for maintaining the brand-new look of your bracelet is to keep it out of water.

    If you’re new to memory wrap bracelets, do not try to shove or cram your hand through the coils. Memory wire is very strong and requires tools to bend it and cut it. However, it can still bend out of shape. It comes in the form of a coil and looks a lot like a Slinky. The coil will fit most wrists. 

    My loops may not be perfect, but that is the mark of someone making your bracelet by hand and not by a machine. 

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