Show Me The Sales – Handmade Version

With the whirlwind of Thanksgiving and Black Friday over, it’s time to really ramp up for Christmas. As the holiday approaches, we all start thinking about what gifts to give our loved ones. Black Friday has evolved over the years to include being online now and it’s not just a day, but a week or a month or whatever each business decides they want it to be. Just because Black Friday is over though, doesn’t mean all the sales are. Handmade Buyer’s Market and some of our other favorite groups still have some amazing sales coming!

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is an important one. Our small businesses should be the ones we are fighting for and supporting with our buying power not just today, but every day. Shopping from small business owners makes an enormous impact on them unlike the large corporations that are mass producing everything. Not only can you find better customer service and a bigger variety of products than you will find at any big name store, you give back to the community by adding jobs and helping our environment by saving on pollution and garbage, and recieve better quality products. Save some of that Christmas shopping for Small Business Saturday and hopefully we can make every day small business day soon.


Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday has not been around quite as long but it sure has come a long way. 🙂 Online shopping back then was just starting and not many people were ready to trust it quite yet. Not so much a problem anymore. Since we have evolved to big time online shoppers, Handmade Buyer’s Market decided to continue our #handmadeholidays weeks to include Cyber Monday, starting tomorrow. Make sure you are in the FB group and you have your notifications on. Join us here!



Digital Downloads and Gift Certificates

The holidays are a great time to show your loved ones how much you care by giving them handmade gifts There are many ways to make or buy beautiful and unique holiday decorations and gifts using digital technology. You can use your creativity and imagination to design amazing holiday cards, gift tags, and other personalized items for your friends and family. Digital downloads and gift certificates are the perfect solution for those last minute gifts or the ones that you have no idea what to buy for. #handmadeholidays brings you all our digital favorites, so make sure you watch for that one, too!



Some of Our Friends

Elysian Boutiques Market is one of my favorite Facebook groups. They have regular, weekly sales in their group. Many of our members love to participate in these sales. You can watch for this sale on Thursday here!




Mark your calendar! An awesome handmade auction coming up December 1st! Only 24 hours, so you’ll want to be sure and get your bids in. Join us in Boutique Blasts! for a preview of auction items starting Monday and Tuesday!




Keep your eyes open the next couple weeks and you can get all your holiday needs all wrapped up and spend the last couple of weeks relaxing and enjoying your family time! Stay tuned!