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  • Fun Free Spirited Pillow from Stitches by Laura

    Description ~ Free Spirited, One of a Kind pillow to brighten any room in your house.
    Let's work together to make a unique accent pillow that will be a conversation starter to bring a smile to her face!
    I can create a pillow similar to this in a specific color scheme or let me loose and see what I come up with!
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  • Tiny Boxy Bag from Stitches by Laura, accessories for her

    Need to run out for a quick trip, but don't want to carry a big bag?

    Here's your answer!  These scrappy, quilted, tiny boxy bags measure are made with 100% cotton fabric and batting.

    Item features:

    * Assorted fabrics (unless communicated before purchase)
    * Length: 4.5”
    * Height: 1.5”
    * Width: 3.5”
    * Swivel hook, key ring, AND coil bracelet
    *Measurements are approximate*

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  • Scrappy Drawstring Backpack by Stitches by Laura, handbag

    This scrappy drawstring backpack by Stitches by Laura is made with cotton fabrics in the "quilt as you go" method. The base is made with waterproof canvas.


    The bag features two zippered pockets on the outside and drawstrings made with fabric, but you can easily switch them out with paracord or ribbon if you prefer.

    Please allow up to 2 weeks before shipping.

    As always, shipping is included for this listing.

    13" wide at top/14" tall/3" deep at bottom

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  • upcycled denim bag

    Completely UPCYCLED! This cross body is approximately 12 x 5 x 5 inches.

    Price ~ $30, Including 1st class shipping
    RTS ~ 1
    Preorders~ 2 (more can be made with different choices)
    Shipping Time Frame ~ next business day for RTS, Preorders will ship in approx 2 weeks, but cannot guarantee the postal service.
    Payment Methods Accepted ~ PayPal
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  • The Child ID wallet, stitches by Laura

    ID wallet, yoda"The Child" is a quilted ID wallet that measures approximately 3 1/2" tall and 5" wide. Listing also features a removable quilt strap/key fob. In stock sets will ship next business day, please allow 2-3 weeks for custom orders. Other fabrics also available.
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  • Double Zippered Pouch from Stitches by Laura

    Topsy~turvy pouch with zippers on both ends. Bag measures approximately 5" x 8" and has one ring to attach keys or strap. (not included, but can be purchased separately) Listing includes fabric shown, please send message for other choices. Shipping~~Included
    RTS (1) ships next business day, allow 2-3 weeks if other fabric is chosen.
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  • Mom’s Boho inspired bag set from Stitches by Laura

    Is your mom a free spirit? Shouldn't her bags be as fun as her?This 3 piece set includes a small boxy bag, perfect for a quick run to the store or around the neighborhood; a small wristlet/clutch; and a drawstring backpack. Every set is custom made(quilted and sewn by yours truly) and you CAN request a color scheme, or take a leap of faith and be surprised by my creation!
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  • Mother’s Day Scrunchie set from Stitches by Laura

    2 new colors and one animal print will set off any outfit this spring!

    A super furry and plush scrunchie is sure to please your mom!

    Give her the whole set or keep one for yourself! ;)

    Made with 3/8" elastic to ensure quality for thicker hair.

    Shipping Time Frame ~ next business day, but cannot guarantee the postal service.

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  • Cord Keepers and Zippered bag for Mother’s Day from Stitches by Laura

    Set of 2 Cord Keepers and a Quilted and Zippered Bag for storing them or whatever else you'd like to keep inside! ;)

    Selection for this listing is totally random, based purely on what I have on hand.  Of course, you can send me a message and I will try to accommodate any wishes you have. Otherwise, your items may take up to a week before shipping.

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  • Zipper wristlet/keyfob from Stitches by Laura

    Keep your keys zipped up in style around your wrist for hands-free convenience.

    Fabric portion measures approximately 7-7 1/2" long.

    Safari inspired or floral immediately available, other fabrics ready to go in a few business days.

    As always, shipping is included.

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