Positive Mindset and Your Handmade Hustle

Whether you are new to handmade or been doing it your whole life, one thing is clear. Your mindset can simply not be understated. You must believe in yourself and your products. You will not get far if you don’t. I have spent many years working in direct sales businesses and timeshare sales. Two industries that I feel get a bad rap. For example, in direct sales nobody really enjoyed having those parties in your homes, but you had to do it to get the cool stuff. Likewise, timeshare was not regulated when they started and they got away with doing some pretty sketchy things but the industry is highly regulated now and those things don’t occur like they did back then. The truth is if your family plans to vacation every year, timeshare is the best way to go. Don’t even get me started on how superior Partylite Candles and Younique make up and skin care is! Here is the thing I saw in common in these two industries, and truly is my favorite part of both of them. An important part of them both is they engage in truly fun, motivating meetings. Music is played and people dance and celebrate each others victories. It reminds me of teenage girls getting ready together for prom. You can’t possibly start your work day any better than a little music and a little movement. If you are having a rough day or just not in the right mindset, turn the music on and dance it out. 

Another huge benefit is affirmations. You can roll your eye and call it woo-woo if you want to but I know how my sales react between when I remember to do it and when I don’t. If I do them, I make more money. It is a fact. I have never been more serious than when I tell you this. Take a few minutes and write down 4-5 things you would like to be realities in your life. Continue to write the same 4-5 affirmations every day for about a week. After that post them somewhere you can see them and say them to yourself daily. Add more or change things up to help you reach all of your personal goals. If you are having problems coming up with affirmations that feel right to you , try imagining what it would look like if you had everything you wanted in life. Start with the words I Am and see what you feel like should follow those words. Then, use them. Every single day. Read them, memorize them, chant them. You may just start to believe them and be on the road to places you hadn’t even dreamed of yet.